Measure dashboards contain approximately 50 standard charts that are common to all games. They are populated from a set of common events that are added to each game when it is created. Check out Preconfigured events and  Events that Drive the Dashboard for more information.

Measure charts can be filtered by event date ranges, player start date cohorts, platform, player acquisition channel and your own custom player segments.

Measure charts are grouped in to 5 sections:

  • Summary
    A high level summary page.
  • Retention
    A collection of pages with charts on retention, engagement, sessions and two different retention matrices
  • Monetisation
    Revenue and First Payment charts and a Monetisation matrix.
  • Game Dynamics
    Charts covering player behaviour including the missions they are playing, items they are purchasing, social behaviour and demographics.
  • Tools
    Various tools for annotating your Measure charts, setting up alerts, creating custom charts and running cohort comparisons.

Measure charts display data with a daily granularity and typically update every hour.


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