Clicking on the Create button in the Send Grid Integration panel at the top of the Actions Management page will take you to a form that lets you create a new, reusable email campaign based on one of the email templates in your SendGrid email account.


The Action Panel lets you give your action a descriptive, meaningful name and contains 3 buttons that

1) Create a New action

2) Open an existing action

3) Clone an existing action to a new action. Handy if you are setting up multiple similar actions.

This Action panel will become familiar as it is used by all the action management screens.

The Message Content form lets you select the Send Grid email template that will be used by this campaign action.

The E-mail Template drop down list will be automatically populated with the names of the email templates from your SendGrid account.

You can also add dynamic content to your SendGrid Emails. Clicking the “Add Dynamic Field” button will add a new dynamic field, you can add multiple.

dynamic content

Each dynamic field will need a placeholder that acts as the substitution text in your email template.

Your dynamic content can be populated with:

  1. One of your player’s Metric values (Environment Metric)
  2. A derived Metric that is calculated from a mathematical derivation of multiple other metrics or derived metrics. (Derived Metric)
    e.g. You could create a missionSuccess ratio as a derived metric based on the missionCompleted and missionFailed event counts then use that dynamically in your message.
    “Because you lose in 65% of battles, here’s a bigger gun”
  3. Variant Property that lets you dynamically alter content for each variant group in a campaign.
    Variant A – Here’s a new Tommy Gun to help you in Robbers missions.
    Variant B – Here’s a new whistle to help you in Cops missions
The Placeholder field is uses freeform text as the substitution key in your content, you should therefore ensure that the same text doesn’t appear naturally in your text or you will end up with additional unexpected substitutions. You may want to wrap your substitution in something that won’t appear naturally e.g. %maxLevel% , #lastMission# etc..
Please check that the characters you use are acceptable with any 3rd party content delivery channels. e.g. We know SendGrid doesn’t permit angled brackets to be used on a substitution, <lastMission> would not work on SendGrid.

Give your email campaign a name, select the template you want to use and press the save button. Your action will now be available to use in Out of Game Campaigns.

0-SpecialEvent Email

NB Before you use SendGrid email campaigns you will need to

  1. Connect your SendGrid account to deltaDNA in Setup > Manage Identity
  2. Configure your SendGrid Account Settings
  3. Create some email templates in SendGrid.
  4. Check you have the outOfGameSend and sendGridEmail email events added in your Event Manager.
  5. Use the Message Test Tool to confirm email delivery and events are correctly configured


Creating email templates in SendGrid

Email templates created in your SendGrid account can be connected to actions in deltaDNA and used in targeted campaigns.

Navigate to the Templates > Legacy page in your Send Grid account and click the Create Template button.

Give your template a name and hit the Save button. The name you gave your template will be the name that appears in the template list back in deltaDNA.

Then add a Version to your template, by clicking the Add Version button, or selecting the Actions -> Add Version option on the Actions menu.

And start creating the template content.

When you are happy with your template click the Save button.

The new template will now show up in the email templates drop down list when you create a new SendGrid Email action.




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