Adjust Attribution Setup Guide

Follow these steps to integrate Adjust attribution data into your Unity game on the deltaDNA platform.

1. Integrate the deltaDNAUnity SDK into your game as described at deltaDNA Unity SDK

2. Add the adjustAttribution event to your game on from the Event Management tool (if you view or edit the adjust Attribution event you will be able to see the attribution parameter mapping)


adjustAttribution Template Event

3. Integrate the latest Adjust Unity SDK

4. Follow the guidance on the Attribution Callback section of the Adjust documentation page to implement an attribution callback then use the received data to populate and send an adjustAttribution event using the deltaDNA SDK

5. Attribution cost data can be collected from the Attribution Callback and sent to deltaDNA in the adjustAttribution event. Cost data will only be provided when configured in AdjustConfig by calling the setNeedCost method.

Map the cost data to the following optional fields in the adjustAttribution event:

  • adjAttrCostAmount – FLOAT – The attribution cost
  • adjAttrCostCurrency – STRING – The ISO 4217 currency code for the cost
  • adjAttrCostType – STRING – The cost type

Please note, the attribution cost data feature was introduced in Adjust SDK v4.24.0 and the deltaDNA adjustAttribution event template was updated to accommodate the new data in Jan 2021. If you added the adjustAttribution event to your game before this time you will need to manually add the 3 new cost parameters to your existing adjustAttribution event in the Event Manager tool.

  • You should always populate all adjust attribution fields and send empty strings for any missing values to ensure that the LAST value of any attribution fields is always correctly set in your user metrics.
  • acquisitionChannel : It is up to you what you populate the acquisition channel parameter, there is no common definition of this parameter across attribution providers and games. This is your highest level attribution parameter. It is used as a Dimension in Slice & Dice and is available as a filter across all your deltaDNA charts. It  is also visible on all events in Data Mining and Direct Access. It should therefore be populated with the most important, highest level, of attribution that you want to track (ask yourself, where do I spend my marketing bucks as this will generally be the level of granularity you want for the acquisition channel).Because the acquisition channel is defined as a dimension you shouldn’t populate it with too many distinct values. An acquisition channel list of 12 entries is great to work with but you’ll give yourself headaches if you try and define hundreds of different acquisition channels.Many games will concatenate a few attribution parameters together to form their acquisition channel. E.G <Network>::<Campaign> might return TapJoy :: Halloween Campaign 2014 etc..
  • The acquisition channel parameter is limited to 72 characters long.
  • Not all attribution data is available immediately from the Adjust SDK. It is suggested that you read from the Adjust SDK when the activityKind parameter = SESSION and the network is not ORGANIC as this will prevent issues where Twitter and Facebook attribution data are falsely reported as ORGANIC in the adjust SDK prior to the real attribution coming through. We understand this is due to fixed in Adjust SDK v4 SDK.
  • Data sharing with deltaDNA will need to take into account any agreements you have entered into as appropriate – see Adjust’s notes in and Facebook