Providing billing details

Provide your billing details using either a credit card or by providing invoice details. Enter your details as soon as possible as they’re required once you enter a paid tier.

If you don’t provide Unity with your billing details when your bill is due, your account on the platform is suspended and data no longer collected until the bill is settled. Managing your budget is a simple process of adjusting your usage and data collection within the platform.

Tracking MAU

You can track the MAU (monthly active users) number in a number of places: the front screen, dashboard, and the billing interface. These all tell you the number of MAU you have but be aware that they don’t convey exactly the same information.

MAU on the dashboard

The MAU number on the dashboard is a rolling 30 day MAU. This is useful to see how the MAU number changes over time and the number you want to track game performance.

MAU used for billing

The MAU/events used for billing purposes is subtly different: it’s the number of active users in the calendar month. This means on day one of the month, the MAU/events billing starts at zero and rises over the month as more users play your game.
The two MAU/events numbers are closely aligned but there are differences between them. If in doubt, use the numbers exposed in the billing interface.

Predicted MAU

The billing interface also estimates what the platform thinks the MAU/events billing will be at the end of the month. This only starts on month two of a game as it needs historical data to do the prediction. The prediction isn’t guaranteed to be correct but is a good guide to what the MAU will likely be at the end of the month so you don’t get any surprises with your bill.

Useful notifications

The platform emails you if your MAU is predicted to move up a payment band. These emails are sent after day 20 of a month, and then only to the account owner and the finance email addresses.

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