Actions are content that’s delivered to your players by the campaigns you configure. Actions fall into two categories:

  • In-game actions are delivered in real-time, in game, while the player is playing.
  • Out-of-game actions run on a timer and are delivered to the player outside of the game.

In-game actions

There are currently three types of in-game action that can be configured in the Actions Manager and used in your campaigns.

Game Parameters are sent to the game to personalize the experience for the player. You might choose to change the difficulty of a level, or the number of gems a player is rewarded for completing a particular task. Any parameter defined in your game parameter manager can be sent to the game containing the value you specify in your action.

Simple Messages contain a heading and body that can be localized and sent to your game as part of a personalized campaign.

Image Messages can present sophisticated, image-based messages to the player. An image message can contain a background image and any number of buttons with their own defined actions. The positioning, scale, and other display settings can be configured in your action.

Out-of-game actions

Out-of-game actions are used to deliver content to players outside of the game, often to notify players of special events, or to encourage lapsed players to return to the game with a reward.

Push Notifications deliver push notification messages to iOS and Android devices.

Urban Airship delivers push notification messages to Apple and Android devices through your Urban Airship account.

SendGrid Email delivers email messages to the players inbox with SendGrid.

Webhooks triggers external webhooks.