If you are using Rewarded Ads to monetize your game you will want visibility of your Ad Impressions and Ad Revenue in deltaDNA for a variety of reasons including:

  • Reporting on Ad Consumption
  • Reporting on Ad Revenue
  • Analysis and reporting of Ad performance by Ad provider
  • Analysis and reporting of Ad performance from a player and monetization perspective
  • AB Testing Ad frequency and reward values
  • Personalizing Ad / IAP strategy by player segment


Ideally, you should populate an adImpression event from the game client as you display Ads to the player. But, not all Ad Provider SDKs will be able to provide eCPM data at the point of display, however, it is still worth recording this event in order to provide valuable impression data for several of the reasons mentioned above.

Some Ad providers may also provide other mechanisms for retrieving Ad data and it is possible to submit adImpression events from other sources, with the following caveats:

  • deltaDNA works with user-level data, each event you submit needs to contain a userID
  • The REST API should be used to submit Ghost events if data is not coming from the client at run-time.
  • If you are considering batching events from a server as opposed to submitting them as they happen, please ensure you do so in small smooth batches over a prolonged period rather than as large infrequent dumps. Please get in touch with [email protected] if you are considering this.
  • If you cannot provide per impression events, it is possible to submit aggregated daily totals per player, but this will never be as useful as individual impression level events.

Recording Ad Impressions

A dedicated adImpression event is provided for recording details of each Ad Impression. Navigate to the SETUP > Create An Event page on your DEV environment and import it from the Event Template list if it isn’t already included in your event schema.

It is preferable to use this event, rather than your own completely custom event, as any Ad eCPM information received in this event will automatically be included in deltaDNA LTV predictions and reporting tables.

The adImpression event contains the following parameters, you should populate as many of them as you can for the richest data.

  • adCompletionStatus (required) – Indicates a successful Ad view. Values should be one of the following
    > COMPLETED – if the ad is fully viewed and therefore will count as an impression for the ad network.
    > PARTIAL – If there is an option to exit the ad before generating revenue
    > INCOMPLETE – If the ad is not viewed at all (alternatively, don’t record the adImpression event in this scenario)
  • adEcpmUsd (optional) – The estimated Ecpm in USD.
  • adProvider (optional) – The Ad sdk that provided the Ad.
  • impressionValue (optional) – The value of this impression.
  • placementID (optional) – The unique identifier for the placement as integrated into the game.
  • placementName (optional) – if there is a place in the game that can show Ads from multiple networks there wouldn’t be a single placementId. This field compensates for that by providing a single name for your placement. Ideally, this would be an easily human-readable name such as ‘revive’ or ‘daily bonus’. This value is here for reporting purposes only.
  • placementType (optional) – The placementType should indicate what type of ad is shown, this is added for reporting purposes only.
  • platform (optional)  – The platform the player is playing on (IOS / ANDROID etc..). This will be populated automatically by the SDK
  • sdkVersion (optional)  – The deltaDNA SDK version. This will be populated automatically by the SDK

Please note: 

  • Not all Ad provider SDKs will be able to provide information for all of the parameters above. In those cases, if the parameter is optional you should omit it and its value when recording the event rather than submitting it with and NULL or empty value.
  • If a parameter is marked as required, your event will fail validation if it is not provided.
  • If the Ad provider SDK reveals additional information of interest, you may want to add additional custom parameters to support it, further enrich your analysis, reporting and segmentation options.



The services and data that Ad Networks and Mediators are providing is evolving rapidly. The availability of some data fields, most notably eCPM is changing fast. So please check in with your Ad provider regularly to make sure you are using their latest SDKs and getting the most from the available data.

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