This page contains tutorials by deltaDNA analysts and power users to help you get the most out of the platform. Hit the support button and let us know if there are any particular tutorials you would like to see added.


Unity SDK Integration Tutorial

Recording IAP Transaction Events and using the Unity IAP Plugin

ChilliConnect Tutorial

Android Push Notification Integration Tutorial

Customizing Android Push Notifications Tutorial

iOS Push Notification Integration Tutorial

Engage Campaigns

Dynamic Ad Placement tutorial
Rewarded and Interstitial Ads are typically hard-coded to appear at certain places (placements) in a game. This tutorial demonstrates how to use deltaDNA Event-Triggered Campaigns to remotely A/B Test, manage and analyse rewarded Ads configuration. Changing the placement, frequency, limits and rewards based on player segmentation, without needing to patch and resubmit your game each time you make a change.

Localized Privacy Popup tutorial
Display a localized Privacy Policy popup to selected players and record their acceptance.

Event Triggered Campaigns tutorial
Learn how to implement event triggered campaigns that are cached on the players device at the start of each session and can display image popups or deliver a game parameter payload instantly when the player records a specific trigger event.

In-Game Mission Difficulty campaign configuration.
Learn how to use Engage to modify the difficulty of a level for particular players.

Promotional Image Banners Tutorial
Learn how to use Engage Image Messages to drive content in to fixed slots in your UI to promote offers, direct the player to the store etc… The tutorial shows how to setup the campaigns and report on their success and contains a Unity project so you can see it in action and see how it was implemented in the client.

Happy Hour Tutorial
Learn how to use Engage to run happy hour promotions targeting a particular player segment

Message Inbox Tutorial
Learn how to use Engage to populate a Message Inbox in the client

Age Gate Tutorial
Learn how to use Engage to put content behind an Age Gate

Push Notification Tutorial.
Learn how to use push notification messages to deliver rewards to you players or navigate them directly to a deeplink in your game.