Manage Existing Users

The Manage Users tool can be reached by clicking on the Home link in the breadcrumbs at the top of the deltaDNA platform, then selecting the Manage Users option from the navigation menu.

The Account Owner can see and edit all the users attached to the account. Clicking Invite User will bring you to the Invite User tool discussed below.

deltaDNA Manage Users

Clicking edit allows you to define which roles are active for the user and whether they are an Account Owner or not.

deltaDNA Edit User

Invite a New User

In order to add a user to a game, allowing them to make use of the platform, you must enter an email address and click Invite User. This will send the prospective user an email containing a link to finalise their registration.

Make sure to define the correct Job Role and Roles for the user before inviting them – the Roles control which games the user will have access to. You can add and edit roles using the Manage Roles tool.

Making a user an Account Owner gives them the ability to make changes to your Account including adding/removing games, changing packages, viewing billing details and managing user access.

deltaDNA Add New User


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