Engage is a highly flexible testing, targeting & marketing tool-set that lets you create sophisticated, automated player campaigns that can target a player whilst they are playing or after they have left your game. You can use Engage to run A/B Tests and Campaigns to change the balance of game for defined player segments with real-time Targeting & Segmentation or you can target lapsed players and tempt them back to your game with incentives and rewards.

Engage operates in two modes In Game and Out of Game. Each mode has two main interface components, ActionsCampaigns.

  • In Game campaigns are triggered by the player, in real-time as they are playing your game
  • Out of Game campaigns run on a timer. Each campaign is checked every 15 minutes to see if any new players have recently met the qualification criteria.

Actions (In Game)

Parameters MessageImage

The in game Actions interface is where you create and manage the actions that will be used in your in game campaigns. These actions can be used to display rich image-based messages in-game, send messages to the player or simply to send the game some parameters that will be used to personalize the player experience.

Find out more about the Actions Manager

Actions (Out of Game)

Apple AndroidSendgrid

Out of game Actions are used to deliver content to the player outside of the game using push notifications or email.

Find out more about the Actions Manager


The campaign interfaces are where you setup and track campaigns. There are separate interfaces for In-Game and Out Of Game campaigns, but the user interface on each are almost identical. Use them to choose the player selection criteria, scheduling, A/B testing groups and content that will be presented to the player. You will also define the conversion events that will let you measure the success of your campaigns and measure the relative performance of A/B tests.

Find out more about the Campaign Manager

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