Shut Down Overview
Migration Questions
Pricing Questions

Shut down Overview

Q: Why is Unity making this change now?
A: Unity is working towards improving our operational efficiency to be able to invest more deeply in our core areas of business. Unity has been maintaining deltaDNA in its current state since it was acquired in September 2019, and we believe that now is the right time to fully shift our focus to the new Unity Analytics offering.

Q: What will happen to my live game, will this break functionality?
A: The impact on your game’s functionality during the transition largely depends on your current implementation. For analytics events transmission, we anticipate minimal disruption. We are committed to maintaining the SDK and its dependencies until the end of 2024, ensuring a smooth transition to Unity Analytics without major interruptions. While the SDK will remain functional to transmit Analytics events it will no longer be able to receive Engage campaign configuration (i.e. in and out of game campaigns will no longer work). Your client partner will be able to advise on the best way forward to re-implement your campaign set-up. Please note that the re-implementation will require code changes.

Q: This isn’t enough time for our studio to take action. What other options are there?
A: We understand the time constraints your studio faces. While we’re unable to extend the deadline, we’re committed to providing support to ease the transition. Our assistance includes providing guidance on recreating your game’s configuration in the Unity dashboard throughout the migration process to ensure a smoother transition within the given timeframe.

Q: What happens to my data and my tools if we don’t take action by March 3, 2024?
A: If no action is taken by March 3, 2024, access to all data within the deltaDNA platform will cease. However, if your game has been mapped to a Unity project you will be able to view your data in the UGS Analytics dashboard. The deltaDNA dashboard and services will no longer be accessible. We strongly advise exporting any necessary data in advance to avoid loss.

Migration Questions

Q: Can I migrate to Unity Analytics?
A: Yes, you will need to follow these instructions for your deltaDNA analytics events to continue to flow and be available for analysis in the Unity Dashboard. Any existing dashboards, funnels and SQL queries must be redefined in the Unity dashboard. If you’re interested in leveraging our player engagement tools, adding the Remote Config SDK into your game will enable functionalities such as running A/B tests and in-game messaging. Additionally, for out-of-game messaging capabilities, integrating the Push Notifications SDK will be necessary.

Q: Does Unity Analytics offer the same functionality as deltaDNA?
A: Unity Analytics and deltaDNA share most functionalities, but they’re not identical. While Unity Analytics offers similar features to deltaDNA, it doesn’t cover all of deltaDNA’s capabilities. Unity Analytics has support for the following use cases:

  • Custom reporting & dashboard creation
  • Data exploration & SQL querying
  • Funnel analysis
  • Player segmentation for analysis & LiveOps targeting

Unity LiveOps has support for the following use cases:

  • Game Overrides (A/B testing in-game content)
    • Change your game without store releases
    • Roll out new features to your players
    • Run a seasonal event
    • Fine tune and balance your game economy
    • Test a change to your level design
    • Fine tune and optimize your ad strategy
    • Provide the best assets to your players
  • Push Notifications (out-of-game content)
    • Engage your players with out-of-game content

For further details on Unity Analytics & LiveOps offerings, please consult our documentation or reach out to your client partner.

Q: Do you have a list of functionality that Unity Analytics doesn’t support?
A: The main areas that Unity Analytics & LiveOps don’t support:

  • Custom metrics & dimensions
  • Image messaging
  • Campaign localization
  • LTV analysis & predictions
  • Custom metric and event-based segments
  • Multi-step campaigns (in & out of game)

Q: When will Unity Analytics be at feature parity as deltaDNA?
A: Unity Analytics is in active development and we are constantly enhancing our offerings based on customer feedback. Our journey is continuous and dynamic. While not every deltaDNA feature will be replicated in Unity Analytics, our commitment remains strong in creating the tools you need to deliver the best customer experiences to ensure the success of your game.

Q: Is Unity going to assist us with our migration, or pay for us to migrate (to UGS Analytics or another solution)?
A: Unity is here to support your transition to Unity Analytics or any alternative provider. We offer guidance throughout the migration process and are providing generous discounts for Unity Analytics & LiveOps services. Contact your Client Partner for more information.

Q: What steps do I need to take to get started with Unity Analytics?

  1. Sign up for Unity, and agree to new contract terms. 
  2. Complete mapping for all projects to be migrated. 
    • This step allows you to use Unity Analytics with their DDNA data and will copy across event schemas and production/dev environments. 
  3. Recreate Analytics configuration, including dashboards, funnels and SQL queries.
  4. Integrate new SDK(s)

Q: Do I need to install the Unity Analytics SDK to ensure my game data keeps flowing?
A: Not immediately, but this will be required eventually. It is highly recommended to replace the deltaDNA SDK with the Analytics SDK, ensuring to keep the same userID across both platforms by setting a custom userID. This step is not required for the March 3, 2024 shutdown date but will eventually be required at a later date, when deltaDNA is fully turned off.

Q: My game uses the REST API, what do I need to do to migrate to Unity Analytics?
A: Similarly to deltaDNA SDK users, deltaDNA REST API users who use the API solely to send analytics events can continue to do so for the extended deprecation timeline of end of year 2024. You will need to follow the steps 1, 2 and 3 described here, i.e. mapping their projects and recreating dashboards, and will continue to have access to your events without having to modify your game code to use the Unity Analytics REST API immediately

It’s important to note that any usage of Engagement functionality will face the same impact as SDK users, and will require a replacement solution.

Q: Will my Premium Data Access set-up keep working?
A: Yes, your PDA set-up will continue to work as is. Your data will be available in Snowflake.

Q: Will I keep receiving my data in S3 buckets?
A: If you have set up their own AWS S3 buckets and configured them as data archives in the deltaDNA dashboard, you will continue to have access to the historic data stored in them, however, no new data will be sent to S3 after the deltaDNA shutdown date. We recommend using Data Access for data sharing in Snowflake.

Pricing Questions

Q: Will my pricing change if I move to Unity Analytics?
A: Yes, the Unity Analytics pricing model is more cost-effective compared to deltaDNA. Unity Analytics offers MAU pricing as shown on the website and a more detailed overview in our documentation. We are in a position to offer a discounted price, please reach out to your Client Partner for more details.

Q: Will I receive a discount if I transition to Unity Analytics?
A: Yes, contact your client partner to explore the discounts available for your studio during the migration process.