1. Linking deltaDNA account to Unity organization

Account Owner

Detailed steps

In order to complete this flow you must be the deltaDNA account owner.

  1. Create a Unity ID if you do not already have one.
  2. Create a new Unity organization by going to account->Organizations->Add new. This organization is where all of your Unity projects (games) will exist.
    • An organization is automatically created when a user creates their Unity ID. You may wish to rename this organization instead of creating a new one.
    • NOTE: organization names must be unique and not conflict with any other organization name across all Unity accounts.
  3. After both the Unity ID and organization have been created, you must then link them to their corresponding deltaDNA user login and account by logging into deltadna.net
  4. Navigate to the deltaDNA account that you wish to link.
  5. Click the Unity icon in the top bar. This will take you to the account mapping area.
  6. You will now be asked to link your two user accounts by signing in with your Unity ID.
  7. Once the above step has been completed, you can now use the user interface to select the Unity organization that you wish to link to your deltaDNA account.


2. Inviting team members to Unity organization

Account Owner

Detailed steps

  1. Now that you have created a Unity organization and linked it to your deltaDNA account, you can invite your other team members to join you in Unity. 
  2. After linking the organisation to the deltaDNA account, you will be presented with a screen that provides the deltaDNA user email addresses, with a copy button to the right of the field. This button copies the field contents to your clipboard. 
  3. Go to the Unity ID page, ‘Organizations->[Organization name]->Add members’.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to invite other team members to the organization, utilising the clipboard contents Team members will be sent an email invitation to also create a Unity ID if they do not already have one.


3. Linking deltaDNA games to Unity projects

deltaDNA Account Owner and Unity Organization Owner status is required to perform this step 

Detailed steps

  1. In order to access your deltaDNA games within the Unity Dashboard, you must first link any game that you wish to access to a corresponding project within Unity. If you have completed the above section then you will be presented with a screen that allows you to link your first game. But before doing anything here, open up the Unity Dashboard in a new tab.
  2. Use the main left-hand navigation menu to go to the ‘Projects’ page.
  3. Use the ‘Create project’ button to create a Unity project. The project that you create will be used to link to a game in deltaDNA.
    • Note: It is important to follow this step of creating a new project to map your deltaDNA game to. Do not map your deltaDNA game to an existing project that is already being used with the Unity Analytics product. Doing so will result in losing all Unity Analytics data for that project.
  4. Switch back to the account mapping page in deltaDNA and use the left dropdown menu to choose the first deltaDNA game that you wish to be linked in the Unity Dashboard.
  5. Use the right dropdown to select the project you just created. You may need to refresh the page for it to appear in the list.
  6. Click “Link applications now”. This will open up deltaDNA within the Unity dashboard, showing the game that you just linked.
  7.  Go back to the account mapping page on deltadna.net. You will now see a screen with a dropdown for each game that you have in deltaDNA. You can now repeat the above steps to link all of your games’ Live environments to new Unity projects!
    Note: You don’t have to link all games at the same time. You can keep coming back to this page to link any number of games when you’re ready.
  8. On the next tab, you will have the option to link your deltaDNA Dev environments to Unity environments. Again, this will overwrite any Unity Analytics data for the Unity environment you map to, so do not use an active Unity environment for this.

4. Linking deltaDNA users to Unity ID’s

All Users

Detailed steps

  1. Each user must now link their personal Unity ID to their deltaDNA login by going to the account mapping page and following the on-screen instructions. This can be found by navigating to your account page on deltadna.net and clicking the Unity logo in the top bar.
  2. When completed, go to the Unity Dashboard
  3. Ensure that a project that has been linked to a deltaDNA game is selected in the project dropdown.
  4. The user should now be able to access that deltaDNA game data in UGS Analytics within the Unity dashboard.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All Users

Why is my game name taken even though I’ve never created this game in deltaDNA?

Once your Unity Organization is linked to your deltaDNA account, your games will automatically be created in the backend of deltaDNA. They will adopt whichever names they have in Unity, including the URL slug.

The Direct Access database connection details for your game will also change if the name of the game and URL slug change. This can be resolved by changing the name of the game in the Unity Dashboard > Project Settings page, changes made here will be reflected in the deltaDNA game name, URL slug, Direct Access connection and your Premium Data Access ACCOUNT_GAMES table.

These games in deltaDNA are simply records of your Unity Project to create compatibility between deltaDNA and the Unity Dashboard (for your organization and games).

What can I do if I’m blocked from creating a game because my linked Unity Dashboard game uses the same name?

As mentioned above, when linking your organization there will be games created in deltaDNA that you cannot see, but have taken the URL of what the game WOULD have had. Not to worry, though, because when you link a game from your Unity organization through deltaDNA, the deltaDNA project will automatically adopt the name of the Unity Project. This means that you can name your deltaDNA project whatever you’d like, and then once you link them the deltaDNA project will automatically be named to your choosing (with the name of your Unity Project.

What should I do if I have numerous deltaDNA games across multiple Unity organizations?

The mapping between a deltaDNA account and a Unity Organization is a one to one relationship. If you have one deltaDNA account containing numerous games that exist across more than one Unity account there are two options:

  1. You could create additional deltaDNA accounts to mimic each of your Unity Organizations. Games can be then be transferred between deltaDNA accounts to mimic the structure within your Unity Organizations, before finally linking Organizations and Projects between deltaDNA and Unity.
  2. Alternatively, you could unify your various Unity projects under a single Unity Organization by transferring individual game projects to a single Organization, before mapping that to your deltaDNA account. The option to transfer Unity Projects to other organizations can be accessed by project Owners or Managers on the Unity Dashboard > Project Settings page.

Please speak to your Unity Client Partner or contact [email protected] if you find yourself in this situation, we will be able to assist you.

What happens when I archive a Unity project that has been linked to a deltaDNA project?

When a Unity project has been archived after being linked to a deltaDNA project, the deltaDNA project is automatically disabled in the deltaDNA platform. The only way to enable it is for intervention from the deltaDNA support team.

Please speak to your Unity Client Partner or contact [email protected] if you find yourself in this situation, we will be able to assist you.

What happens if I transfer my project to a different Unity Organization?

When you transfer a project to another Unity Organization it will be visible within the Unity Dashboard of the new Organization, but it will no longer be visible in the deltaDNA dashboard for of the original deltaDNA account. You will need to create a new deltaDNA account and link it to the new Unity Organization, before initiating the project transfer if you want to view the project within the deltaDNA Dashboard. If don’t do this, you will lose access to your project within deltaDNA and should contact [email protected] with details of the source and destination DDNA and Unity accounts so we can reconnect your game project to the correct DDNA account.

To unmap your account you should contact [email protected] with details of the source and destination DDNA and Unity accounts so we can unmap your account smoothly.