What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is a modern cloud-based data platform. It provides data-warehousing solutions to store your data.

Why have deltaDNA changed from Vertica to Snowflake? 

Snowflake lets deltaDNA process your data quicker, provide more consistent performance and run with almost no downtime. 

What changes should I expect to see? 

There should be no changes in general usage of the platform. Most of your dashboards and queries will run exactly as they did before. There might be some slight differences in how data is exposed in Data Mining and the types of queries you can run.

As part of the move to Snowflake:

  • Event processing time is reduced from 2-3 hours to 5-10 minutes
  • Data performance should be more consistent throughout the dashboard

When will I see these changes?

The deltaDNA team will be migrating accounts over a period of a few months, beginning in May 2020. You might not see any changes immediately. When the migration is complete all accounts and games will use Snowflake instead of Vertica. 

Why are the fields and tables in my queries capitalized?

Some of your queries may have been translated into Snowflake syntax as part of the transition. It might seem like you’re being shouted at by your own queries but don’t worry, they’ll all run just as they did before and are not case sensitive. New queries written in lowercase are also not case sensitive and will run just fine.

Why are my queries or charts taking longer to return results?

The data retention policy was more strict under Vertica and it is likely you are now running queries against a significantly larger dataset in Snowflake. If you are experiencing performance issues please ensure that you are adding filtering criteria, particularly date range constraints as early as possible in your query.

Can I still use my Vertica query functions?

Some Vertica query functions do not have a Snowflake equivalent. If you come across these and require assistance, contact [email protected].

For reference please see the following link Direct Access – Vertica / Snowflake Query Differences

What if I’m having an issue with Snowflake?

If you have any issues with Snowflake or have any other questions, contact [email protected].

Are there any changes in how I will connect to Direct Access?

No, normal direct access from the platform will not change.

Are there any changes to queries being used via Direct Access with Snowflake?

There are some small differences between Vertica and Snowflake, We’ve made Snowflake Direct Access available for testing ahead of time.
If you change the host in your Direct Access connection details from data.deltadna.net to test-data.deltadna.net you can run any reporting you have against Snowflake to check and see what needs to be changed.

For reference please see the following link Direct Access – Vertica / Snowflake Query Differences

Read more about Snowflake Premium Data Access (a scalable and flexible data management solution. PDA lets you access your data in deltaDNA’s managed Snowflake warehouse.) at the following link Snowflake Premium Data Access FAQ