Release 61

Jul 30, 2020

Maintenance Release

Release 60

Jul 30, 2020

Maintenance Release

Release 59

Jul 22, 2020

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where decision point campaigns could not be updated while in progress.
  • Fixed an issue where the funnels parameter criteria didn’t work for games using the Snowflake warehouse.

Release 58

Jul 15, 2020

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where iOS certificates did not validate correctly on the Manage Identity page.

Release 57

Jul 6, 2020

New features

  • Rich push notifications are now available! You can now send images and GIFs (on iOS) with your push notifications when using our latest Unity, iOS or Android SDKs.

Release 56

Jun 24, 2020

Maintenance Release

Release 55

Jun 17, 2020


  • We’ve combined the iOS & Android push notification action forms into a single form – no more creating the same action twice!
  • It’s now even easier to test your decision point campaigns with a small audience, read all about it here.

Release 54

Jun 2, 2020

Maintenance Release

Release 53.3

May 21, 2020

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the historic “Highest Spend” default segments used the incorrect metrics (convertedProductAmount instead of realCurrencyAmount). Existing segments now use the correct metrics.

Release 53.2

May 11, 2020

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the data mining query box wouldn’t resize and expand correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where cloning decision point campaigns displayed a blank page for some campaigns.
  • Fixed an issue where the Highest Spend default segments used the incorrect metrics (convertedProductAmount instead of realCurrencyAmount). New segments now use the correct metrics.

Release 33

8th May 2019

Campaign UI improvements:

  • Bulk actions – perform actions on multiple campaigns at once.
  • Updated campaign content highlighting
  • Improved campaign filtering
  • Campaign archival
  • Page improvements, performance and layout
  • Flow consolidation

Release 32

27th March 2019

Release 31.4

13th March 2019

  • Pagination and performance improvements – Decision Point Campaigns
  • Pagination and performance improvements – In-Game Actions

Release 31.3

12th Feb 2019

  • Bug Fix – Roles and Permissions
  • Bug Fix – Action list ordering

Release 31.2

5th Feb 2019

  • Bug fix – Slice & Dice filters
  • Bug Fix – Edit game details page

Release 31.1

29th Jan 2019

  • Data Mining – Addition of “Sankey Charts”  as a new type of visualization
    • ideally suited to tracking trends in branching behavior.
  • Out of Game Campaign improvements
    • conversion windows
    • cooldown periods
    • groups
  • CDN – Improvements to our Content Delivery Network to increase the speed of platform loading times
    • streamlined  page designs
    • localized caching
  • Improved JavaScript handling
    • better support 3rd party JavaScript features
    • help implement new features and bug patches more rapidly
    • additional features leveraging this coming soon.

Release 30

30th Oct 2018

  • Data Mining improvements
    • Map visualizations
    • Improvements to the shading on matrix visualizations
    • SQL Code highlighting
    • Unit displays on data mining visualizations and custom dashboards
    • Improvements to the number of rows returned and query duration displays
  • Event management improvements
    • Add a parameter to multiple events at once
  • Custom Dashboards
    • Fix for a refresh button bug
    • Dashboard PDF export
  • Event-Triggered Campaigns
    • Record more info on an Action displayed to a player
  • Decision Point Campaigns
    • Improvements to the decision point campaigns page
  • Account / Game image thumbnail bug fix
  • Event segments now select no users by default rather than all users
  • Multiple bug fixes to improve the user experience and platform performance
  • Cross Promo Tools – platform UI and Engage sever updates to support cross promo tools closed BETA

Release 29

18th Sep 2018

  • Campaign cooldown and conversion window controls added to Engage Out Of Game campaigns
  • Various UI tweaks and improvements

Release 28

7th Aug 2018

  • Engage event triggered campaigns
  • SDK updates to support event triggered campaigns, image message pre-load and caching

Release 27

10th Apr 2018

  • Engage UI Improvements including filtering and tagging of campaigns and actions
  • Engage live campaign editing
  • GDPR updates around S3 archive storage and HTTPS encryption
  • Billing pages contain new usage and projection charts

Release 26

11th Nov 2017

  • Custom dashboard and data mining report templates added
  • Custom dashboard tagging system added
  • Matrix view charts type added to Data Mining
  • GDPR compliance, user specified S3 archives

Release 25

18th Oct 2017

  • Webhooks actions added to Engage Out of Game campaigns
  • Player segment exclusion lists added to Engage Out of Game campaigns
  • Apple receipt validation updated to support shared secret

Release 24

8th Jul 2017

  • New and improved localisation features added to Engage In Game and Out of Game campaigns actions
  • Custom dashboard filters
  • Custom dashboard email reports
  • Urban Airship push notification action added to Out of Game campaigns

Release 23

20 Jun 2017

  • Major updates to Engage Out of Game campaign system including multi step campaigns, conversions on each step, conversion actions etc..
  • Custom dashboard caching

Release 22

29th Nov 2016

  • Data Mining query cloning
  • Performance improvements
  • Dynamic fields for Out of Game campaigns

Release 21

31st Aug 2016

  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements

Release 20

14th Jun 2016

  • Added SQL query builder for Event Segments
  • Email notification system for user alerts

Release 19

25 Mar 2016

  • New segmentation UI
  • Data mining tool improvements, “chart all”


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