Release 33

8th May 2019

Campaign UI improvements :

  • Bulk actions – perform actions on multiple campaigns at once.
  • Updated campaign content highlighting
  • Improved campaign filtering
  • Campaign archival
  • Page improvements, performance and layout
  • Flow consolidation

Release 32

27th March 2019

Release 31.4

13th March 2019

  • Pagination and performance improvements – Decision Point Campaigns
  • Pagination and performance improvements – In-Game Actions

Release 31.3

12th Feb 2019

  • Bug Fix – Roles and Permissions
  • Bug Fix – Action list ordering

Release 31.2

5th Feb 2019

  • Bug fix – Slice & Dice filters
  • Bug Fix – Edit game details page

Release 31.1

29th Jan 2019

  • Data Mining – Addition of “Sankey Charts”  as a new type of visualization
    • ideally suited to tracking trends in branching behavior.
  • Out of Game Campaign improvements
    • conversion windows
    • cooldown periods
    • groups
  • CDN – Improvements to our Content Delivery Network to increase the speed of platform loading times
    • streamlined  page designs
    • localized caching
  • Improved JavaScript handling
    • better support 3rd party JavaScript features
    • help implement new features and bug patches more rapidly
    • additional features leveraging this coming soon.

Release 30

30th Oct 2018

  • Data Mining improvements
    • Map visualizations
    • Improvements to the shading on matrix visualizations
    • SQL Code highlighting
    • Unit displays on data mining visualizations and custom dashboards
    • Improvements to the number of rows returned and query duration displays
  • Event management improvements
    • Add a parameter to multiple events at once
  • Custom Dashboards
    • Fix for a refresh button bug
    • Dashboard PDF export
  • Event-Triggered Campaigns
    • Record more info on an Action displayed to a player
  • Decision Point Campaigns
    • Improvements to the decision point campaigns page
  • Account / Game image thumbnail bug fix
  • Event segments now select no users by default rather than all users
  • Multiple bug fixes to improve the user experience and platform performance
  • Cross Promo Tools – platform UI and Engage sever updates to support cross promo tools closed BETA

Release 29

18th Sep 2018

  • Campaign cooldown and conversion window controls added to Engage Out Of Game campaigns
  • Various UI tweaks and improvements

Release 28

7th Aug 2018

  • Engage event triggered campaigns
  • SDK updates to support event triggered campaigns, image message pre-load and caching

Release 27

10th Apr 2018

  • Engage UI Improvements including filtering and tagging of campaigns and actions
  • Engage live campaign editing
  • GDPR updates around S3 archive storage and HTTPS encryption
  • Billing pages contain new usage and projection charts

Release 26

11th Nov 2017

  • Custom dashboard and data mining report templates added
  • Custom dashboard tagging system added
  • Matrix view charts type added to Data Mining
  • GDPR compliance, user specified S3 archives

Release 25

18th Oct 2017

  • Webhooks actions added to Engage Out of Game campaigns
  • Player segment exclusion lists added to Engage Out of Game campaigns
  • Apple receipt validation updated to support shared secret

Release 24

8th Jul 2017

  • New and improved localisation features added to Engage In Game and Out of Game campaigns actions
  • Custom dashboard filters
  • Custom dashboard email reports
  • Urban Airship push notification action added to Out of Game campaigns

Release 23

20 Jun 2017

  • Major updates to Engage Out of Game campaign system including multi step campaigns, conversions on each step, conversion actions etc..
  • Custom dashboard caching

Release 22

29th Nov 2016

  • Data Mining query cloning
  • Performance improvements
  • Dynamic fields for Out of Game campaigns

Release 21

31st Aug 2016

  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements

Release 20

14th Jun 2016

  • Added SQL query builder for Event Segments
  • Email notification system for user alerts

Release 19

25 Mar 2016

  • New segmentation UI
  • Data mining tool improvements, “chart all”


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