Release 61

Jul 30, 2020

Maintenance Release

Release 60

Jul 30, 2020

Maintenance Release

Release 59

Jul 22, 2020

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where decision point campaigns could not be updated while in progress.
  • Fixed an issue where the funnels parameter criteria didn’t work for games using the Snowflake warehouse.

Release 58

Jul 15, 2020

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where iOS certificates did not validate correctly on the Manage Identity page.

Release 57

Jul 6, 2020

New features

  • Rich push notifications are now available! You can now send images and GIFs (on iOS) with your push notifications when using our latest Unity, iOS or Android SDKs.

Release 56

Jun 24, 2020

Maintenance Release

Release 55

Jun 17, 2020


  • We’ve combined the iOS & Android push notification action forms into a single form – no more creating the same action twice!
  • It’s now even easier to test your decision point campaigns with a small audience, read all about it here.

Release 54

Jun 2, 2020

Maintenance Release

Release 53.3

May 21, 2020

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the historic “Highest Spend” default segments used the incorrect metrics (convertedProductAmount instead of realCurrencyAmount). Existing segments now use the correct metrics.

Release 53.2

May 11, 2020

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the data mining query box wouldn’t resize and expand correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where cloning decision point campaigns displayed a blank page for some campaigns.
  • Fixed an issue where the Highest Spend default segments used the incorrect metrics (convertedProductAmount instead of realCurrencyAmount). New segments now use the correct metrics.

Release 53

May 1 2020

The audit log feature for decision point campaigns lets users see:

  • The changes made to your campaigns
  • Who made the change
  • When the change was made

Read it all about it in our Feature Force blog and see it in action here.

Release 52

April 16 2020

Release 52 put the final pieces in place for the launch of our new audit logs.

Release 51

April 8 2020

Backend development

Release 50

March 31 2020

Made various improvements to platform UX.

Campaign segments

You can now include and exclude multiple segments during in-game campaign creation.

Campaign scheduling 

In order to make clearer scheduling, we have made some changes to the text around out-of-game campaigns.

Onboarding pointers

Added product tours to the in-platform chatbot. The new welcome screen makes these more obvious to new users.

Release 49

March 17 2020

Backend development

Release 48

March 16 2020

Exporting campaign list to CSV

You can now select Campaigns on the list screen and export them to a CSV file, containing the status, name, priority and tags.

Fewer restrictions on game parameter values

Updated the character limit for game parameter values from 512 to 4096. This makes it easier to hand down complex configurations in your Engage Campaigns.

Improved connection handling in data mining

Made connection handling more robust to reduce how often Data Mining queries time out.

Release 47

February 19 2020

This release neutralized some targets bugs and actioned all the following:

More granularity in decision-point time offsets

You can now set the ‘wait time’ between decision-point campaign steps in seconds.

New default segments

We’ve added some new pre-made segments for all new games added to the platform.

More information in same-name campaign warnings

Improved the text that’s displayed when you try to create a campaign with a name that is currently in use.

Scheduling QA test campaigns to start in the future

You can now set QA test campaigns to start in the future, meaning you can set up and test all of your campaigns ahead of time and be confident everything works when that big event rolls around.

Release 46

February 6 2020

The segmentation functionality now lives within Engage. Previously it was available under Analyze.

Release 45

January 27 2020

Backend development

Release 44

January 22 2020

Safe campaign testing in your production environment

We’ve noticed that many of you like to test things in your production environments.

By marking certain segments as ‘test’ segments, you can conduct SAFE testing in your production environment.

Test campaigns exclusively on small audiences – with all the relevant user permissions – before pushing out to the wider player base.

Data Mining queries + browser tabs

The last release gave you more Data Mining tabs. This release helps to distinguish them.

If you’re working on a saved query, you can now see the query name in your browser tab.

Data Mining queries + formatting

You can now format your queries with ease. One click allows you to separate all the constituent parts of your query. Check, edit, and reorganize – stress-free!

Performance improvements on all pages

Improved loading performance throughout. You should notice all your pages loading a little bit quicker as a result.

Updated device lists on our Unity SDK

When our Unity SDK sends events, they get sent along with a device name field. That now contains the latest iOS versions for all those cutting-edge Apple players out there.

Query performance tips in Data Mining

Added performance improvement tips in Data Mining. These can help you create more performant SQL queries.

Optimized image processing on the Unity SDK.

Optimized the image re-orientation and caching processes on the Unity SDK to improve efficiency, particularly when using large or many image messages.

Release 43

December 11 2019

A/B test reporting with statistical significance and fancy new design 

The ability to accurately report on the impact of an A/B test is a vital part of any campaign strategy.

We’ve made a number of improvements to our event-triggered campaign reporting to help you do the following:

  • View the statistical significance of your results based on the Mann-Whitney U test
  • Understand how your test impacts the occurrence of any analytics event (eg. Did your test actually impact the number of times an IAP was made?)
  • Check the total number of users messaged in your test 
  • Find your winning variant and push it out to all your users

If you have any feedback on these changes, contact support@

Even more real-time metrics and faster queries 

We now use Google’s BigTable to store all of the metrics for your players. This lets us improve on the real-time-ness of our segments and ensure that we can scale and deal with larger peak loads.

Intercom integration 

Added Intercom functionality to the Dashboard. This enhances in-platform communications with:

  • Better signposting of key features
  • Self-serve product tours to showcase important functionality
  • Easy access to help and support

Improved accessibility of icons on the campaign list page 

Adapted the icons on our campaign list pages to be more universally readable.

Release 42

November 13 2019

Backend development

Release 41

November 6 2019

UIX Improvements

– Moved the filters panel to give your campaign lists more space.

– Updated design and layouts to simplify managing multiple campaigns.

Segment Uploads

– You can now upload 30x more users per CSV segment, (increased from 50 to 1500).

Dashboard Cloning

– You can now clone custom dashboards directly from one game or environment to another, saving you time and effort.

Release 40

October 16 2019

Performance Improvements

  • Dashboards load faster
  • Data mining queries run faster than before. 

Dashboard display tweaks

– We’ve made changes to how we display visualization names on dashboards.

API Capabilities

– You can now view the SQL for event segments via API.

Release 39

October 2 2019

Made improvements to both Portal and our SDKs, in addition to bug fixes.

Portal Improvements

– Made UX improvements to the actions page in Engage. 

SDK Improvements

– You can now view events and parameters in the Unity Editor using the Events API.

– Improved caching for large numbers of image messages. Now, images are all fetched concurrently and you can configure the cache size yourselves.

– Updated Unity push notifications to make them compatible with iOS 13 and Xcode 11.

Release 38

September 24 2019

Multiple Visualizations

Added the ability to create multiple visualizations from single data mining queries. This saves you time, loads dashboards faster, and makes your queries easier to maintain.

Data Mining Queries

You can now write longer Data Mining queries.

Campaign Warnings

The platform now warns you before publishing campaigns that are exceptionally short. This will save you from accidentally launching campaigns that don’t work.

Release 37

September 3 2019


Query Cancellation

You can now cancel Data Mining queries while they’re still running. This means that you can make changes immediately without waiting for the original to finish running.

Campaign Progress Reset

In deltaDNA, you can dictate the time elapsed before players become eligible to re-enter a campaign. You can now set those campaign reset intervals in minutes rather than days, making engagement more precise and campaigns easier to execute than ever.

Platform Logouts

Made fixes to prevent users accidentally logging out of the platform mid-session.

Asset Management

There is now a page dedicated to image message assets so that they can all be managed in one central location rather than from within each action.

Active Campaign Actions

On the actions page, you can now see which campaigns are using each individual action. 

Platform UI/UX

UX improvements in the platform to dashboards, segmentation and Engage.


API improvements allows for:

  • Full management of events and parameters
  • Full management of game parameter actions for in-game campaigns
  • Viewing target segments and conversion events for campaigns

SDK Improvements

August 13 2019

Added a new mechanism that lets players opt out of being tracked. This means that no historic data will be lost should a player decide that they no longer want to send data.

Added a new exponential backoff retry mechanism. This ensures that players always receive an up-to-date game configuration even in the event of poor connection.

The Unity SDK now has improved compatibility with the Unity editor for all those running the latest version.

Release 36

July 24 2019

Release 36 launched this afternoon, during the day, with absolutely no downtime or negative impact! This is a big moment as it marks the start of our much-touted new release system. As previously said we will be making many, smaller releases rather than making changes every quarter. This will allow us to make bug fixes and changes more frequently – ensuring that we can test and iterate based on user feedback.

Here’s a short summary of the changes in our last few platform releases:

API Campaign Control

You can now play, pause, archive and restore campaigns programmatically via the platform API. Contact [email protected] if you’d like to find out more about using this.

JSON Editor for Creating Campaign Actions

Added a button in the campaign action creation screen next to the familiar text field which lets you play around with your JSON in a pop-up window.

Release 35

July 9 2019

Updated campaign navigation and made changes to prepare for the imminent API release. Initially, the API will facilitate:

  1. The listing and searching of campaigns/games
  2. Playing, pausing, archiving, and restoring campaigns

Campaign/Component Navigation

You can now access campaign components (actions/segments etc.) directly from the campaign overview page, without having to search them out within their respective pages.

Support for API Access Key Generation

Any deltaDNA account owner can create API keys that allow API access to specific environments within the account. Owners can give/omit access permissions for any environment within the account and credentials added/updated as necessary.

Release 34

June 25 2019

Front-end improvements:

  • Expanded event-triggered campaign functionality
  • Campaign simulation
  • Data-mining improvements
  • Mobile-friendly view
  • Background refresh & caching changes
  • End-to-end development progress

Expanded Event-triggered Campaign Functionality

You can now target players with greater sophistication, when they are most likely to engage with an offer. To illustrate how that’s useful, let’s look at a handful of relevant real-life scenarios. With the updates included in this release, you can now execute campaigns such as:

  • Showing an offer to a player after they have failed a mission three times
  • Giving a player a free mega-spin every 50th time they execute a standard spin
  • Providing a special store configuration for a player once every fifth session, up to and including their 30th session but not afterward

You can use A/B testing for these scenarios. Want to know which session is optimal for showing an offer? Set up your variants, insert a few session numbers and off you go. Our Engage system and SDKs will handle the rest.

Campaign Simulation

The new out-game campaign simulation provides visualized explanations for why your players will and won’t flow into any given campaign. Ever wondered why no players are entering your new push notification campaign? Now you can find out before you run it.

Flow of players into campaign categories – Demo Game 

In the example above, players are split into groups based on when they were last involved in an out-game campaign. These groups then flow into different categories based on your set campaign criteria. Players are entered into: this campaign, a higher-priority campaign, or – if precluded by the rules of engagement/messaging limits in place – no campaign at all. 

We’ve all set up a campaign with high hopes, only to realize after the fact that we made a grand total of 13 people eligible for inclusion. Use campaign simulation to test ahead of time and save yourself the heartbreak!

Mobile-friendly Dashboards

Updated the analytics dashboards to make them more mobile-friendly:

  • Charts now stack one on top of the other regardless of dashboard width.
  • Rearranged chart elements to scale better for devices with both small and large screens.

Background Refresh & Caching Changes

On login, you can now see the most recently cached version of your dashboards while they load the latest data in the background. This is a great time-saver, especially if you’re logging in frequently.

We’ve reworked our entire caching system into a quick and dynamic in-memory data store using Redis. Using Redis means that the data we cache for dashboards now lives elsewhere and is not wiped with each release. 

Data Mining

Added auto-suggested tables and columns to the editor that are based on the data you have available to query in your game.

Release 33

8th May 2019

Campaign UI improvements:

  • Bulk actions – perform actions on multiple campaigns at once.
  • Updated campaign content highlighting
  • Improved campaign filtering
  • Campaign archival
  • Page improvements, performance and layout
  • Flow consolidation

Release 32

27th March 2019

Release 31.4

13th March 2019

  • Pagination and performance improvements – Decision Point Campaigns
  • Pagination and performance improvements – In-Game Actions

Release 31.3

12th Feb 2019

  • Bug Fix – Roles and Permissions
  • Bug Fix – Action list ordering

Release 31.2

5th Feb 2019

  • Bug fix – Slice & Dice filters
  • Bug Fix – Edit game details page

Release 31.1

29th Jan 2019

  • Data Mining – Addition of “Sankey Charts”  as a new type of visualization
    • ideally suited to tracking trends in branching behavior.
  • Out of Game Campaign improvements
    • conversion windows
    • cooldown periods
    • groups
  • CDN – Improvements to our Content Delivery Network to increase the speed of platform loading times
    • streamlined  page designs
    • localized caching
  • Improved JavaScript handling
    • better support 3rd party JavaScript features
    • help implement new features and bug patches more rapidly
    • additional features leveraging this coming soon.

Release 30

30th Oct 2018

  • Data Mining improvements
    • Map visualizations
    • Improvements to the shading on matrix visualizations
    • SQL Code highlighting
    • Unit displays on data mining visualizations and custom dashboards
    • Improvements to the number of rows returned and query duration displays
  • Event management improvements
    • Add a parameter to multiple events at once
  • Custom Dashboards
    • Fix for a refresh button bug
    • Dashboard PDF export
  • Event-Triggered Campaigns
    • Record more info on an Action displayed to a player
  • Decision Point Campaigns
    • Improvements to the decision point campaigns page
  • Account / Game image thumbnail bug fix
  • Event segments now select no users by default rather than all users
  • Multiple bug fixes to improve the user experience and platform performance
  • Cross Promo Tools – platform UI and Engage sever updates to support cross promo tools closed BETA

Release 29

18th Sep 2018

  • Campaign cooldown and conversion window controls added to Engage Out Of Game campaigns
  • Various UI tweaks and improvements

Release 28

7th Aug 2018

  • Engage event triggered campaigns
  • SDK updates to support event triggered campaigns, image message pre-load and caching

Release 27

10th Apr 2018

  • Engage UI Improvements including filtering and tagging of campaigns and actions
  • Engage live campaign editing
  • GDPR updates around S3 archive storage and HTTPS encryption
  • Billing pages contain new usage and projection charts

Release 26

11th Nov 2017

  • Custom dashboard and data mining report templates added
  • Custom dashboard tagging system added
  • Matrix view charts type added to Data Mining
  • GDPR compliance, user specified S3 archives

Release 25

18th Oct 2017

  • Webhooks actions added to Engage Out of Game campaigns
  • Player segment exclusion lists added to Engage Out of Game campaigns
  • Apple receipt validation updated to support shared secret

Release 24

8th Jul 2017

  • New and improved localisation features added to Engage In Game and Out of Game campaigns actions
  • Custom dashboard filters
  • Custom dashboard email reports
  • Urban Airship push notification action added to Out of Game campaigns

Release 23

20 Jun 2017

  • Major updates to Engage Out of Game campaign system including multi step campaigns, conversions on each step, conversion actions etc..
  • Custom dashboard caching

Release 22

29th Nov 2016

  • Data Mining query cloning
  • Performance improvements
  • Dynamic fields for Out of Game campaigns

Release 21

31st Aug 2016

  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements

Release 20

14th Jun 2016

  • Added SQL query builder for Event Segments
  • Email notification system for user alerts

Release 19

25 Mar 2016

  • New segmentation UI
  • Data mining tool improvements, “chart all”