The campaign interface is where you will setup and track your in game and out of game campaigns.

The campaign page lets you perform the following actions:

  • Create new campaigns
  • Get an overview of running campaigns
  • Edit a running campaign
  • Pause or unpause a campaign
  • View the details of a campaign
  • Change the priority of a campaign
  • Duplicate a campaign
  • Delete a campaign

Creating a campaign

Press the “Create Campaign” Button to create a new campaign.


Find out more about creating IN GAME Event Triggered and Decision Point  campaigns or OUT OF GAME campaigns .

Campaign Overview

There are two different types of IN GAME campaign, Event Triggered and Decision Point based. The logic and content for Event Triggered campaigns is downloaded to the game client at the start of each session unlike Decision Point campaigns make a server request and received the latest content at a specific point during gameplay. Each In game campaign type has it’s own overview pages, and there is a sperate one for out of game campaigns. Both provide essentially the same functionality with the ability to view your campaigns and perform actions on them. There are a couple of minor differences between the two pages and they will be mentioned below.

Campaign priority is a score used to determine which campaign a player should enter if they are eligible for multiple campaigns. This can be changed by either editing or quick editing the campaign.

In Game (Event Triggered and Decision Point Campaigns)

The in game campaign overview has a diverse campaign tagging and filtering system where you can tag campaigns with categories like missions, onboarding, acquisition etc. You can customise these tags by expanding the sidebar on the right hand side and clicking the manage tags button. From here you can add, edit and delete existing tags – keep in mind that these tags are not specific to in game campaigns and are resonated throughout the platform.

The qualities tab, inside the filter options menu, will allow you to filter the campaigns on display by a number of different qualities such as running, completed, A/B testing campaign. You can also filter based on decision points here which is very useful for debugging and organising the priority of campaigns on a per-decision point basis.

Filter Options

The actions available for in game campaigns are as follows:

  • Categorize – brings up the manage tags menu and allows you to apply tags to the selected campaign
  • Pause/unpause – either pause or unpause the campaign depending on the current condition
  • View – view the selected campaign
  • Edit – edit a subset of settings of an active campaign
  • Quick edit – brings up a quick edit menu that allows you to change the name, description, priority and end date of an active campaign
  • Duplicate – creates a copy of the campaign, useful for when you want to create a similar campaign with adjusted settings
  • Delete – deletes the campaign

Action Buttons

Note that when editing an active campaign, only a subset of settings can be changed. You can only change the name, description, priority and end date.

Out of Game

The out of game campaign overview is fairly similar to the in game overview, with a few minor interface and functionality differences.

The campaign overview page provides displays a chart showing the number of Engage hits and responses for you campaigns over time. This chart can be filtered by your campaign decision points.

Campaign Outreach

You can alter the time window by clicking the left or right arrows buttons:


And you can toggle the campaign list between list mode to calendar mode:


Like in game campaigns, there are a number of actions you can perform on your out of game campaigns. These actions are as follows:

  • Pause/unpause – either pause or unpause the campaign depending on the current condition
  • View – view a summary of the campaign details and dig into the participation results
  • Edit – edit the settings of a campaign
  • Duplicate – creates a copy of the campaign, useful for when you want to create a similar campaign with adjusted settings
  • Delete – delete the selected campaign

Campaign Cloning

Decision point campaigns can be cloned from a game’s DEV to LIVE environment, individually or several at a time.

Select the campaigns you want to clone on the decision point campaigns page and click the “Clone Selected” button

You will then be presented with a wizard that will take you through the cloning process letting you chose what to do with the various parts of each campaign, to ensure there are no incompatibilities in any of the newly cloned components.

The cloning process will create new actions in the Live environment when it needs to, or you can choose an existing action if you prefer

You will be presented with a confirmation screen and asked to click the “Clone” button to confirm your choices and commence the cloning process. If you are cloning a lot of campaigns you will be presented with a progress bar while the campaigns are cloned.

After cloning, your new campaigns will be visible in the LIVE environment, where you can still edit them before launching them.

Campaign cloning is only available on decision point campaigns at present, but we are planning to extend it to Event Triggered and Out Of Game campaigns in the near future, once we have gained feedback on the current implementation.

Campaign Segments

When creating a campaign you need to specify which of your players are to receive the campaign. You can choose one or more segments for the campaign to apply to, and also mark specific segments to exclude players from. This allows you to re-use segments in different ways, without having to create a new segment to capture your specific requirements.

In the above screenshot, Active players with a lot of coins who aren’t yet spenders will receive this campaign.

Note: For decision point campaigns, when users exit a segment they are still eligible for the campaign and continue to experience the content. For event triggered campaigns and out of game campaigns, when users exit a segment they are no longer eligible for the campaign.

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