An account on the deltaDNA platform can contain multiple games, each with their own user accounts, roles, and permissions. Account level tools can be accessed by clicking Home at the top of the page.

From here you can:

  • View the Dashboards, Measure Charts, and all other Analysis and Engage tools for each of your games by clicking on the game icon tile or any of the charts thumbnails. Note, you can toggle between the DEV and LIVE environment by clicking the appropriate sections of the game summary.
  • Add a Game to your account by clicking Add Game.
  • View the Game Details page for any of your games by clicking Settings 
  • Manage Games: Add games to your account, edit their details, disable or delete them. You can also change the package you are on, or go to the game setup and analysis tools from here.
  • Manage Account: Edit the account details or disable the account.
  • Manage Users: Manage the users, roles, and permissions for your account. Control access on each game and which analysis tools a user is granted permission to use within a specific game.
  • Invite Users: Invite new users to your account and specify which games they have access to.
  • Manage Billing: Setup your billing and view your monthly charges with a breakdown of MAU across your games.