Before deltaDNA can deliver email campaigns through your sendGrid account you need to connect it to deltaDNA with the Manage Identity  tool and configure some settings.

  1. Login to your Sendgrid account and open up the Settings navigation menu
  2. Create a new set of login credentials for deltaDNA to use. Ideally, you don’t want to use your main account details with all their permissions for sending email campaigns from deltaDNA.
    Navigate to the Settings -> Credentials page and click the Add New Credential button and provide a username and password for your new credential and check the UI/API and MAIL permissions checkboxes.These are the account credentials that you should enter in to the deltaDNA Setup->Manage Identity page
  3. Enable event notification posting back to deltaDNA in order to generate sendgridEmail events in the deltaDNA platform
    Navigate to Settings -> Mail Settings and Enable Event Notification
    set the HTTP POST URL to
    Ensure all actions are checked
    Screenshot from 2016-09-02 12-48-22
  4. Enable subscription tracking to allow users to unsubscribe from your email campaigns.
    Navigate to Settings -> Tracking and enable Subscription Tracking then provide some text that will appear in the email footer.
    N.B. You must include a <% %> tag to place the unsubscribe link.
    Screenshot from 2016-09-02 12-50-01
    If a player unsubscribes from emails, SendGrid will suppress emails to them regardless of whether your campaigns target them or not.
    If a player wishes to re-subscribe you should use the SendGrid->Supressions->Global Unsubscribes pages to locate the email address and remove it from the unsubscribed list.


Email list management

deltaDNA do not provide any email address collection or management features, it is the responsibility of the publisher/developer to ensure that any email collection and usage complies with the terms of any stores the game is available on and the privacy and COPA legislation of any territories the game is available in. The email parameter will already exist on the game’s newPlayer event, but it can be added to any other event using the Event Manager tool. This will allow the developer to send or update an email address from the game client or from a server using a GHOST event.

The publisher / developer will also be responsible for ensuring that any email addresses used in campaigns are verified.

Most email platforms will block or suspend accounts sending emails if the bounce rate exceeds acceptable levels. There are numerous services that you can use to verify your email addresses and clean your email lists.

Sendgrid will auto suspend your account if your bounce rate is too high, they recommend keeping it below 2% to be safe