deltaDNA provides comprehensive SDKs that give you the ability to send a wide range of pre defined and custom events data and supports in app messaging and A/B Testing.

Currently we support native implementations for iOS and Android as well as a micro core Unity version that will support iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, PC standalone and Web Player.

The REST API exposes all the functionality through a simple Web interface. This allows you to integrate with deltaDNA from a server or through any device or platform that supports HTTP POST requests.


Marketing campaign data from attribution providers can be used to segment your charts, queries and campaigns.


deltaDNA SmartAds uses intelligent mediation, and gives access to over 30 ad networks, ensuring that the right ad is shown to the right user to maximize the CPM.  By using our segmentation and targeting tools, you can target ad responsive players and protect those who object to ads.

With the ability to change the ad behavior during game play you will also have the flexibility to change the ads shown to your users, and A/B test your ad campaigns.

Download the SmartAds SDK from our GitHub repository

Find out more about using SmartAds for Rewarded and Interstitial Ads.