Increase player engagement by personalizing the gaming experiences for individual players. With deltaDNA you can send in-game messages or optimize game parameters based on their behaviors and playing styles.

Responding in less than a millisecond, the targeting platform is truly real-time. It is integrated with both internal & external messaging channels including push notifications, email and ad serving allowing you to target player communications intelligently.

Proactive Player Relationship Management – targeting incentives, offers, hints & tips and rewards to augment the playing experience – builds player engagement by at least 50% and improves monetization by 30%.

Targeting provides Player Relationship Management, the ability to build a set of campaigns and engagements which deliver a a structure to communicate with the player.

Each target defines a segment of users and a communication which can be either changes to the game such as changes in difficulty or a message sequence.

Targeting works in a similar way to A/B testing, but with a number of fundamental differences:

  • Each target can run for ever, unlike A/B Tests which run for a fixed period
  • Each target is expected to run without a control group, testing should happen during A/B Testing
  • Players can and will move between segments over time
  • For each decision point there is potentially multiple potential targets that a user is eligible for, this needs to be resolved through rules of engagement
  • Visualisation provides information on segment overlap, position in the game and over messaging
  • Targeting should be used to embed changes that have been tested and to create and run a messaging strategy across multiple messages.
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