Clicking on the Create button in the Smarts Ads panel at the top of the Actions Management page will take you to a form that lets you create a new smartAds action.

The Action Name Panel lets you give your action a descriptive, meaningful name and contains 3 buttons that

  1. Create a New action
  2. Open an existing action
  3. Clone an existing action to a new action. Handy if you are setting up multiple similar actions.

This Action panel will become familiar as it is used by all the action management screens.

The SmartAds panel lets you specify if an ad should be shown or not at a particular point in the game add.

You can also add one or more game parameters to your action and assign them values that will be passed back to the game so you can personalise the Ad in some way.
There are also some predefined parameter slots that you can populate with values to control the number of ads, their frequency and rewards, if you are using v4.8.1 of the deltaDNA Unity SDK or newer the SDK will respect these pre-defined parameters. If you are using an older SDK we would recommend updating or you will have to handle the following parameters in your own code.

  • ddnaAdRewardType – The type of reward (GOLD, SILVER, GEMS etc..)
  • ddnaAdRewardAmount – The amount of the reward as an integer
  • ddnaAdSessionCount – The maximum number of times this ad point should be rewarded each session
  • ddnaAdDailyCount – The maximum number of times this ad point should be rewarded each day
  • ddnaAdShowWaitSecs – The number of seconds delay between ads on a specific ad point.


Finally, don’t forget to Save your action.


Your newly saved action will now be listed on the Action Management Screen. There are three buttons beside each action so you can Tag, Edit or Delete it.

Your action will also now be available for use when you are setting up campaigns.

When a game parameter action is triggered by a campaign the resulting parameter(s) will be passed back to the game in the parameters section of the Engage response.


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