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deltaDNA within Unity Overview

What is the deltaDNA within Unity?

We are bringing the value of deltaDNA into the Unity platform. The deltaDNA Unity Dashboard is a new way for customers to access It will exist within the Unity dashboard – meaning that existing customers will be able to access all of our Unity solutions and the functionality of deltaDNA in one place. 

What are the benefits to moving to the Unity Dashboard?

  • Now within the Unity ecosystem and a part of a platform – before deltaDNA was a standalone product that existed independently. By bringing it into the Unity ecosystem, within a shared dashboard and interface experience you can expect: better infrastructure, interoperability with other solutions, advanced security features like 2-factor authentication and better processes for operational components like billing. 
  • More value – as a part of the transition we will be adjusting the price of your invoice to reflect the future pricing of the platform. Our aim is to offer more value to our customers with even more functionality at their fingertips. 
  • Interoperability with other Unity Services – Moving deltaDNA into the Unity Dashboard allows you to use other Unity Gaming Services products within the same platform. You can now use the solutions in tandem with one another and take advantage of shared use cases across products. Learn more about the additional services in Unity Gaming Services here. *

*Today Unity Gaming Services Open Beta products are only available for customers that are built within the Unity Editor. 

Why are we moving deltaDNA onto the Unity platform?

After we acquired deltaDNA at the end of 2019 we went into research mode – trying to understand what was working, what wasn’t and learning a lot from our customer base. We took all of that feedback, looked at other products in the market, and started to build a product roadmap. This extended beyond deltaDNA and was essentially for all parts of the game operation lifecycle. 

We’ve been working behind the scenes to bring the best of deltaDNA and a variety of other solutions into a unified platform. At the core of this is analytics and player engagement, so we actually built or configured these other solutions to the deltaDNA backend, to ensure a  seamless upgrade for our customers. 

This is the first step in bringing deltaDNA into the Unity ecosystem and allowing customers to take advantage of our end-to-end Unity Gaming Services platform. Learn more about the additional services in Unity Gaming Services here.  

Will my pricing change?

In order to bring all of our deltaDNA customers onto the new Unity Gaming Services platform, we will be offering a new standard way of pricing across all products.

Depending on your current pricing with deltaDNA you may see a pricing change. Please reach out to your client partner for more information on your particular bill.

For Unity Gaming Services, all products that are in beta on the platform will be offered for free until they progress to general availability. Products will remain in beta through 2021 and will progress to general availability (GA) on an individual basis.

What happens to pricing if I use both deltaDNA in the Unity dashboard and try new games in the Unity Gaming Services beta?

In this case, you have to agree to the Unity Gaming Services contract / TOS which is free until beta and we will only bill for deltaDNA usage.  For more information, please reach out to your Client Partner.

What are the steps to successfully upgrade to the Unity dashboard?

Please checkout our full guide here. deltaDNA to Unity Mapping Flow

What is the timing in which we expect deltaDNA to be accessible within Unity?

The upgrade path is ready today and is a relatively low level of effort. We’re working with customers on an individual basis to figure out what timeline works best for them. We are hoping for most customer upgrades to take place in Q3-Q4 ‘21. We are happy to work with your studio to find a timeframe that works best. 

What is the level of effort to take advantage of deltaDNA within Unity?

We’re working to make the upgrade as seamless as possible. There will be little to no development work from an SDK perspective since the new experience uses the same deltaDNA data infrastructure. The only work that needs to be done is linking a customer’s deltaDNA account to their Unity account. This involves linking users accounts and games via the self-serve flow in the deltaDNA product. deltaDNA to Unity Mapping Flow

What is the long term support plan for deltaDNA?

We will continue to support deltaDNA as it stands today for an extended period of time. We are asking all customers to prioritize an upgrade to the Unity platform at some point in 2021. 

Eventually standalone deltaDNA will be deprecated in favor of the Unity Gaming Services platform but we will work with clients on a seamless transition into the Unity ecosystem. In the near term, customers should still be able to operate their existing game on deltaDNA within the Unity dashboard and can also begin adopting additional functionality within the platform. 

Will there be continual investment in the deltaDNA platform?

We’re going to continue supporting deltaDNA as it stands for an extended period of time, but will stop development, so any new and incremental value will happen in the upgraded platform. 

Will any features be lost in the transition from as a standalone product? 

Everything that was formerly available in the core experience of deltaDNA will also exist in the new home for deltaDNA. 

The only component that was not carried over is the Administrative functionality to add new games to an account from within the deltaDNA Unity Dashboard. We recommend still using for the time being for that use case and the Unity Dashboard for all other functionality: 

What happens to the data before migration and after?

The data is stored in the same place because it has a shared backend infrastructure. There should be no changes to your data as a part of the upgrade. 

Once you have mapped your deltaDNA account to your Unity organisation, Unity becomes the source of truth for details relating to the organisation and projects. The Unity details will be reflected in deltaDNA for consistency, including:

  • Unity organisation name being reflected in your deltaDNA account name
    • This can also affect the URL slug used for your deltaDNA account
  • Unity project name being reflected in your deltaDNA application/game name
    • This can also affect the URL slug used for your deltaDNA application/game
  • Projects moving between organisations in Unity are reflected in the linked applications/games being moved to the corresponding linked account in deltaDNA.

Unity Gaming Services Platform  

What is Unity Gaming Services?

Unity Gaming Services is an end-to-end platform that is designed to help you build, operate, and scale your game. 

Today, it is comprised of 6 different categories of products: Backend, Multiplayer, Analytics, Player Engagement, Growth and Monetization. These categories have products within them that can operate as standalone products, but are more powerful when used together.

Where can I find more information about the platform?

To learn more about Unity Gaming Services prior to our launch date, please read through this FAQ or reach out to your Client Partner. Get started with the Unity Gaming Services by reviewing the documentation, starting here.

What products will be offered within Unity Gaming Services?

Products highlighted in italics are currently being offered for free as a part of our beta. If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to your Client Partner. 

Category Product Name Description
Multiplayer Relay Enable multiplayer peer-to-peer networking experiences by connecting peer-hosted players with the new Relay service and the Unity Transport package.
Multiplayer Lobby Empower players to play together! Lobby is a flexible solution that connects players in custom private or public rooms for great multiplayer gaming experiences.
Multiplayer Multiplay Scalable and resilient dedicated game server hosting service to launch and run your games.
Multiplayer Voice and Chat The best-in-class voice & text chat communications for multiplayer titles. 
Multiplayer Matchmaker Create a great player experience by matching players quickly using configurable match logic and automatically allocate into your game servers.
Multiplayer Netcode for GameObjects Build with a first-party netcode foundational framework you can depend on, that’s customizable and extensible to meet the needs of different multiplayer game types.
Backend Cloud Code A serverless functions product where game logic can interact with other UGS services.
Backend Cloud Save A data storage product that allows you to store player data.
Backend Game Economy A data storage product that allows you to define the elements of your in-game economy.
Backend & Player Engagement Remote Config Remote Config allows you to deliver game updates in real time with no code changes! Easily make game updates tailored to players of all different skill levels, spending habits, and playing styles – through targeted game updates and A/B testing.
Backend & Player Engagement Cloud Content Delivery (CCD) CCD combines powerful asset management, cloud storage, and a reliable delivery network to help you deliver the right content to your players at the right time.
Analytics Unity Gaming Services Analytics Allows studios to easily understand game performance and player behaviors through predefined dashboards, Data Explorer, and more.
Analytics Cloud Diagnostics Real-time error monitoring and analytics to help you identify, investigate, and resolve the crashes and exceptions impacting the stability of your made with Unity mobile and PC games. 
Growth Acquire Acquire valuable users and grow your game. Unity has unique insights, premium advertising inventory, and self-service tools to help you find the most valuable users to achieve your campaign goals and grow your game.
Monetization Monetize Monetize your game. By downloading and integrating the Unity Ads SDK, you can incorporate the right formats of ads into your game quickly and easily. Manage your ads and monetization through the Unity Monetize dashboard and through the Unity Editor for Made with Unity developers.
Monetization In-App Purchases Unity IAP (In App Purchases) lets you sell a variety of items directly within your free or paid game including premium content, virtual goods and subscriptions.

What does it mean for these services to be in Beta?

Some products that are a part of Unity Gaming Services are fully live, battle tested, and already have significant adoption. 

However, many of the new products identified above in italic are still in Beta.* This means they have gone through initial testing but they are still being tested at scale, with edge cases, and will have incremental features being added and validated. These products are currently being offered entirely for free until they progress from the beta phase and are launched to the general public. 

* Products will remain in beta through 2021 and will progress to general availability (GA) on an individual basis. There are no performance guarantees during the beta as specified in the terms of service. Pricing will be communicated proactively beforehand. 

Are there any restrictions of who can use these services in the Beta?

During Open Beta, many of the solutions will only be compatible  for games that are made with Unity. We will be releasing a general SDK in a few months that should accommodate engine agnostic use cases. 

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