The deltaDNA SmartAds SDK provides your iOS game with access to our intelligent ad mediation platform. It supports both interstitial and rewarded type ads.
Smart Ads Extension for iOS

Installation with CocoaPods

CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Objective-C, which automates and simplifies using 3rd party libraries. This enables SmartAds to select which ad networks are supported in a straightforward way.


A basic Podfile to include all the mediation networks we support.

The deltaDNA SDKs are available from our repository, its url must be added as a source to your podfile. DeltaDNAAds depends on our analytics SDK, which will also be installed.

The above example will install all the ad networks we support. To install just a subset declare each subspec separately in your podfile, for example:

The list of available subspecs can be found in DeltaDNAAds.podspec  at the root of this project.


Include the SDK header files.

The SDK is initialised by calling registerForAds.  Since the Smart Ads SDK depends on our analytics SDK, that must be initialised first.

Register for Ads

  • You can test if an interstitial ad is ready to be displayed with isInterstitialAdAvailable .
  • Show an interstitial with showInterstitialAdFromRootViewController: .
  • You can test if a rewarded ad is ready to be displayed with isRewardedAdAvailable .
  • Show a rewarded ad by calling  showRewardedAdFromRootViewController: .

You will likely want to set the delegates for the DDNASmartAds object, so the SDK behaviour will be reported to you.

See DDNASmartAds.h for more details.


The sources are available under the Apache 2.0 license.

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