There are four tools to help you test your Engage implementation and campaigns.

  • Engage Browser
  • Engage Trace Tool
  • Engage QA API
  • Simulate Engagements

Engage Browser

The Engagement Browser shows engagement hits received in the last 2 hours up to a maximum of 100. The results displayed by this tool can be filtered by userID, transactionID, Engagement Campaign or Decision Point. You can inspect engage requests and see the parameters sent with them and see if an engagement was triggered. If an engagement was triggered you will be able to see which campaign it was and any response parameters.

Please Note :

  • All times are in UTC.
  • It can take up to 5 minutes after an engagement request has been made for it to be available in this tool.
  • Click the Filter button to refresh the list of hits.



Engage Trace Tool

The Engage Trace Tool provides a mechanism for creating an engage request from within the deltaDNA platform, submitting it to Engage and inspecting the response along with more detailed output that will help you understand the logic that led to the specific response.

Please Note : This tool creates real engagements that will appear in your data.

You can specify the userID, decisionPoint and any other parameters as you were sending a real Engage request from your game


The response not only shows the Engage output, but detailed traces showing each campaign considered in the decision making process.


Engage QA API

The Engage API tool provides an alternative Engage API endpoint that will always respond with the same pre-defined actions without needing to obey to any campaign rules. This makes it much easier to test that your game is instrumented to react to Engage actions correctly.

The interface lets you assign game parameter, simple message and image action outputs to each decision point. It will show you the resulting output for each decision point.

If you then make a request to the Engage QA API (<Your Environment Key>)  you will get a known response back for each decision point.

Simulate Engagements

The Simulate Engagements tool is very similar to the Engage QA API, it also responds with a fixed response to engage requests made to the Engage QA API Endpoint (<Your Environment Key>), but rather than configuring the output parameters individually you simply specify a decisionPoint and one of your Engage Actions. Within your game when using any of our SDK’s all you need to replace is the engage URL and point this at: the SDK will then append the environment key you’ve configured.