The campaign interface is where you will setup and track your campaigns.

The campaign page lets you perform the following actions:

  • Create new campaigns
  • Get an overview of running campaigns
  • Pause or unpause a campaign
  • View the details of a campaign
  • Change the priority of a campaign
  • Duplicate a campaign
  • Delete a campaign

Creating a campaign

Press the “Create Campaign” Button to create a new campaign.


Find out more about creating IN-GAME campaigns or OUT OF GAME campaigns .

Campaign overview

The campaign overview page provides displays a chart showing the number of Engage hits and responses for you campaigns over time. This chart can be filtered by your campaign decision points.


You can alter the time window by clicking the left or right arrows buttons, or return to the current day by clicking the “Today” button


And you can toggle the campaign list between list mode to calendar mode.


Pause a campaign

You can pause, or un-pause, a campaign by pressing the “Pause” button on the campaign.


View a campaign

You can view a summary of a campaign details and dig in to the participation results for a campaign by clicking on the “View” button on the campaign list item.


This will take you to the campaign where you will be able to view the campaign details, including the options that will be presented to each variant in an A/B Test.
You can also press the “Explore this Data” button to return to the Measure charts and view any of them for each variant in your campaign.



Campaign priority

You might want to change the priority of a campaign if a player could qualify for more than one campaign. This can be achieved by dragging and dropping a campaign to the desired position in the campaign details list.


The campaign at the top of the list has the highest priority, this is indicated by a priority number at the far left of the campaign list item.

Duplicate a campaign

The campaign duplicate function can save you a lot of time if have setup a campaign and want to create another similar one. Click the duplicate button on the campaign list entry you want to duplicate and the campaign will open, be given a new name that you can edit. You can then edit the details of the campaign before Saving it.


Delete an existing campaign

Existing campaigns can be deleted by clicking on the delete button at the far right of the campaign list entry.