Before sending Urban Airship messages from deltaDNA to your players, you will need to follow a couple of simple configuration steps to :

  • Authorise deltaDNA to send push notifications to your players
  • Report back to deltaDNA on notification delivery results


Copy the App Key and App Master Secret values from your App settings page in your Urban Airship console

and Paste them in to the Setup > Manage Identity > Urban Airship page in the deltaDNA platform.

This will enable deltaDNA to load your Urban Airship messaging templates and instruct Urban Airship to send messages to your players on your behalf, from deltaDNA.


Urban Airship will report back to deltaDNA each time a message is delivered so that you can measure your campaign success and report on delivery success and failures. You must enable the Connect API on your Urban Airship account then create a direct connection, creating a new access token in the process.

1) Create a new Direct Connection

2) Give your Direct Connection a Name and Description

3) Then Save and Create Access Token.
NB: Your Access Token will only be displayed once, be sure to copy it down as you won’t be able to retrieve it again later.