Clicking on the Create button in the Simple Messages panel at the top of the Actions Management page will take you to a form that lets you create a new simple message action.


The Action Panel lets you give your action a descriptive, meaningful name and contains 3 buttons that

1) Create a New action

2) Open an existing action

3) Clone an existing action to a new action. Handy if you are setting up multiple similar actions.

This Action panel will become familiar as it is used by all the action management screens.


The Simple Message panel lets you set the Heading and Message that will be sent to the game if your action is triggered in a campaign, but you can also send Game Parameters along with your message. The Game Parameters panel is just the same as if you were creating a Game Parameters action.

The Message text can be localised in the Localization tool accessible from the ENGAGE -> LOCALIZATION navigation menu.


Finally, don’t forget to Save your action.

Your newly saved action will be listed on the Action Management Screen. There are two buttons beside each action so you can Edit or Delete them.


Your action will now be available for use when you are setting up campaigns

When a simple message is triggered by a campaign the resulting message and any game parameters will be passed back to the game in the Engage response.


NB – Your game will be responsible for reacting to any message or game parameters that you pass back to it, so some planning and instrumentation is required when your developers are integrating with deltaDNA and planning your event collection and engagement specification.