Custom Dashboards can display up to 48 tables or charts of your choice. They can be viewed from the Dashboards section of the navigation menu and can be automated to deliver to email recipients at regular intervals from the Custom Dashboard Editor section under the Setup navigation menu.

Custom dashboards can display:

  • Charts displaying any existing Measure chart with a saved set of filters applied.
  • Tables or Charts displaying Saved Slice & Dice queries.
  • Funnel saved from the Funnel tool.
  • Tables or Charts built from SQL queries in the Data Mining tool.
  • And text panels that may contain a description of the dashboard contents.

Custom dashboards are cached to ensure optimal performance despite potentially containing a large number of individual displays. There is a status comment at the top of the page that indicates when the cache was last refreshed and there is a “Refresh” button that can be used to refresh the cache.

The “Use Filter” checkbox is used to show or hide the standard dimensions filter bar at the top of each dashboard. You will need to click the “Refresh” button after applying a dashboard filter  in order to reload the charts with the new filter applied. Please Note: the standard dimension filters may not be applicable to some chart types.

The “Edit Dashboard” will take you to the custom dashboard editor, where you can create and edit your dashboard.


Custom Dashboard Editor.

The Custom Dashboard Editor Window is divided into four regions.

  • Dashboard Options
    • Let you Show or Hide  your dashboard from the Dashboard navigation menu, handy if you have LOTS of custom dashboards.
    • Configure Sharing settings for your dashboard to determine which users can view it.
    • Delete the dashboard.
    • and set whether the Filter bar be visible or hidden by default.
  • The Custom Dashboard Management Toolbar
    Provides custom dashboard management tools to:

    • Load / Save and create New custom dashboards
    • Rename a Custom Dashboard
    • Switch to View mode to see your dashboard populated with data.
  • The Query & Chart Selector
    Displays lists of Saved Slice and Dice Queries,  Saved Measure Charts , Saved Data Mining Queries and Text Panels that you can drag and drop on to the display area in order to build your custom dashboard.
  • The Display Editor
    Lets you change the position and size of up to 12 custom tables or charts.

    • Drag & Drop a saved Slice & Dice query or Measure Chart on to one of the 12 cells in the display editor to add to the display.
    • Drag and Drop from one cell to another to move a chart
    • Use the blue arrows to change the size or shape of a chart, e.g. the number of display cells that it spans. CustomDashboardPosition
    • Remove a chart or table from the custom display by clicking the green cross icon CustomDashboard-Removeor dragging the table/chart out of the display area.
    • You can specify whether a query from Slice & Dice or Data Mining is displayed as a table or a chart by selecting the radio button next to the appropriate icon in the custom dashboard display panel.


Don’t forget to save your custom dashboard after making any changes to it. Save / Save As can be accessed from the File menu on the Toolbar at the top of the Custom Dashboard Editor.

Creating Custom Charts and Queries.

The custom charts and queries that you populate your custom dashboards with are defined in the

  • Slice & Dice tool
    Queries that you build in Slice & Dice can be saved by clicking the Save icon in the Slice & Dice Toolbar. These saved queries will be displayed as tables or charts in your custom dashboards.
  • Measure Charts
    Custom charts are simply existing charts with a defined set of filters applied to them. The  Custom Charts builder can be accessed from the Measure -> Tools -> Custom Charts link at the Bottom of the navigation menu.You can use the Chart Select list to choose which chart you want to work with, then setup your filters as you would with any other Measure chart and finally give it a name and Save it so it will become visible in the Saved Charts region of the Custom Dashboard Editor.
  • Funnel Charts
    Funnel charts that you build in the Funnel Tool can be saved using the Save icon on the Funnels Toolbar.
  • Data Mining Queries
    Data Mining tables and charts can be saved by clicking the Save icon on the Data Mining Toolbar
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