The Edit Game Details page contains three separate tabs used to

  • Edit basic game details
  • Configure revenue validation
  • Configure benchmark dashboard review sources

Game Details


Use the controls in this section change the name, description, genre or game image for your game. You can also enable / disable automatic Geo-Location and event hashing on your events from this page.

Please note that automated Geo-Location will populate the userCountry paramater on your player events automatically and should only be used if your events are being sent to deltaDNA from the game client. If you send events from a game server the server location will end up in the userCounrty parameter and make it look like all your players are from the same location as your server. In a hybrid setup where events are sent from both a game server and a client the sessionID on server side events can be omitted to make the events not be part of the activity data. In that case we will honor the device for GeoIP and player activity data.

Revenue Validation

If you intend to use deltaDNA revenue validation you should populate your game details and enable the stores you wish to validate against.Please Note: You will also need send a transaction receipt with each transaction event, please see the SDK integration documents for more information.


Review Sources

If you want to use the Benchmark dashboard to display customer review scores and word cloud you need to enter the sourceID for each review source (iTunes, Google Play, Steam)

These details can be retrieved from the Google Play Developer Console


or the iTunes Connect console